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In Office Life by Hannah Munro

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Another Day in the life of an Itas Solution Consultant

I hope you are enjoying your lie in today. Perhaps like me, you are gulping down coffee and hoping that some of the caffeine will absorb. Given that its 6.30AM and I am NOT a morning person, you (and my fellow train passengers) may think it’s strange that I am sitting here with a smile on my face. It’s not the copious amounts of coffee I have consumed or the amazing Lumie bodyclock I use. Today I get to do one of my favourite bits of being a Solution Consultant – putting the pieces together.

Do you remember having puzzles as a kid?

You would get the box, tip it out all over the floor and then if you were like me, you would start to separate out the bits and put together the outline of the puzzle. The outline was the easy bit. The pieces had a straight edge so it was blatantly obvious what they were and where they go. The challenge is to fill in that outline and to develop the picture that is on the box of the puzzle. That was the best part.

That’s exactly how I feel about Sage 200. The easy bit is getting the software installed. The real challenge is building and developing the final puzzle picture that our customer wants.

Note: I can now hear yells and screams from our fabulous technical team, who are just so good they make it look easy.

So how do we put that Sage 200 puzzle together?

First of all, we have to paint that picture in our mind. What is our client’s vision for what they want for their business? How do they see Sage 200 helping them achieve that? We then begin to build up the different elements in our minds. A bit like the puzzle – we concentrate on a small piece such as an animal or a person, then start to build out from there.

We try and gather all the pieces that we think relates to that animal (I am talking here about the puzzle and not our clients by the way) and then you try and put them together as best we can. Invariably there is one or two pieces we didn’t see, that are hiding under a cushion (and now I am talking about both the puzzle and our customers) and so we go on the hunt to figure out where they have got to. So we do this for several of the key parts of the puzzle and then we have to fit them together. Now, this is the tricky part!

Putting the pieces together

We know roughly where every key part goes but how they fit together to get that beautiful final picture is the challenge. This is the reason I get up at 4.30 in the morning with a smile on my face! Some times you have to twist and turn that animal (again I am talking about the PUZZLE) until it fits in with your bigger picture. You have to fit the right puzzle pieces to join them all up.

And that’s why I am so excited about today. I get to go in and do the final connecting of all the dots. We already have the finance piece in place, the opportunity management, and the manufacturing. Today is my day to pull the rest of their systems into picture including their repairs and maintenance and connect their sales to their manufacturing. Because Sage 200 isn’t just an accounting system, it is business management software, ERP, CRM. It is a system that drives growth and connects the dots for business owners and their staff. THAT is the reason I get up at stupid o’clock in the morning with a smile on my face.

Have a great day everyone!

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