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Spreadsheets take a lot of time to create, run, manage and maintain.
There is a huge risk of human error through manual data entry and re-keying data with spreadsheets.
Spreadsheets make it difficult to collaborate with other colleagues. People often have different versions of the same spreadsheet.
Reporting in spreadsheets is never real-time. You're often making decisions on out of date (and possibly inaccurate) data.

How much time are you wasting building & maintaining your spreadsheets?

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Financial Transformation Live - WorkBook - Excel Spreadsheet Audit
Download a Free Spreadsheet Audit Template

We've created a template to help you audit or review your spreadsheet usage. Often, businesses don't actually realise just how many spreadsheets are being used within the finance team, not only that but how much time is being spent creating, running, maintaining and managing those spreadsheets.

This review template will help you document what spreadsheets you are using, where they are located and how much time is spent on them per month. It's potentially costing more than you think.