How to Assess Your Current Finance System

Missed our latest session, how to assess your current finance system? Watch the on-demand video where Hannah Munro talks about how you can assess your current finance system!

  • Framework for reviewing your current system
  • 10 Common quick wins for system improvement
  • How to identify whether to invest in improving your current system vs switching to a new one
  • Template for documenting and sharing your findings

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Free Download: Audit Template

We have shared one of our templates that we use with our clients to show that you can use with your organisation. This will allow you to document your recommendations along with costs and identify your recommended priorities and timeframes.

Upcoming topics

Putting together a requirements document
Setting up systems and processes for hybrid and remote working
Shifting to real time reporting
Building controls into your purchasing
Communicating the ROI of a process change
Planning your system integrations - what are your options?

Financial transformation can be challenging

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