Sage Intacct R1 2024 Release – February 2024

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It’s a new year and that means a new release schedule for our Sage Intacct users! February 16th brings the first Sage Intacct R1 2024 quarterly release from Sage and it’s packed with exciting features and enhancements.

From intelligent predictions to list enhancements, this release is bursting with new features and fixes. We want to highlight some of the features in this blog but if you want to see the full release, all of the release notes are available here!

Release Highlights

Automation Enhancements

The future is now for the US and Early adopters as Intacct is bringing the power of AI to your AP Purchase invoices with enhancements to GL Accounts and dimension coding.

With these latest improvements, AP Automation will detect patterns in how you select dimensions at the line level. This means that using machine learning Intacct will be able to create draft AP Purchase Invoices that include the dimension values. 

How will this help?

This change will bring new efficiencies to your daily workload, reducing the number of fields you will need to interact with and enabling you to create invoices faster.  

⭐Want to get involved with this feature? Reach out to your account manager to ask if you can become an early adopter!

Sage Intacct R1 2024: New Features

AP & AR: Simplify the list of contacts available in transaction dropdowns

This latest release is bringing an extra layer of filtering for Contact records in the Pay To and Return To fields. Previously, you could only choose to have no filters on the contacts, or only contacts which were available in all supplier.

This new feature will allow you to filter these lists to only Contact records associated with your selected supplier!

Look for this new change that is going to be available in both Accounts Receivable and Payable!

Sage Intacct R1 Cash Management: Bank transaction dating

A call back to our previous release (R2 2023) this feature will now enable you to control the dating of bank transactions based on the time zone of a bank account.

Consolidation: A new custom report for Advanced Ownership Consolidation

This release will bring a new custom report that is going to empower you to slice and dice your data in new ways to support reviews and audit processes.

You can drill down to the journal to view details such as Date, Reporting Book, Dimensional date, and much more!

Sage Intacct R1 Contracts: Separate Cancel and Uncancel Permissions & MEA Price List Import

This new release is going to enable users to better define who will be able to cancel and uncancel contracts with this new enhancement to permissions.

Sage Intacct R1 2024

But wait! There’s more…

Listening to you in the community, Sage Intacct will now be getting the new option to import your MEA (multiple-element arrangement) Price Lists in contracts! This means you’re no longer going to need to manually enter all the items or rely on APIs.

Platform and Customisation Services: Add your own custom help to Sage Intacct

Have you got suppliers who require a unique or special process to follow when completing your AP Processes? 

With the custom help options that will be available in this new release, you will be able to create smart links and Help documents into the supplier details which will support users when processing invoices.

Lastly…sneak peek at the new Sage Intacct Fixed Asset Module

Change is coming, keep an eye out for a NEW Sage Intacct Fixed Assets module. Sneak peek below:

Sage Intacct R1 2024

Sage Intacct R1 2024


This is a summary of our favourite features from the R1 February 2024 release, and it is clear that the best ideas come from end users such as yourselves.
With that in mind, if you are a current Sage Intacct user with ideas for any improvements click here and have your say on what features you would like to see developed for future updates!

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