Sage Intacct Collaborate: Our top 10 tips on how to use!

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Communication is key, and thankfully Sage Intacct Collaborate is here to help! 
Available on created records and transactions, Sage Intacct Collaborate offers a way to streamline your internal communications and teamwork, bringing your collaboration into one place and removing the need for your users to jump between different applications to find the information they need. And the best part? The bonus is it’s free with your standard Sage Intacct subscription.  

From sharing files to tagging teammates, here are 10 uses for Collaborate in Sage Intacct.  

1. Have conversations in the place where they are relevant
Sage Intacct collaborate

By having conversations through Collaborate directly within records and transactions, you ensure that all communication relevant to that item is in one place, providing the full context directly within Intacct.  

With a full record of communication, everyone who can access that item has the same information available to them; with one click users can see all messages related to an item, and when everyone is on the same page decisions and actions move more quickly. 


2. Share documents in the place they are relevant 
Sage Intacct collaborate

Are you reviewing a transaction and need to access a document in real time? Store it within that the transaction’s Sage Intacct Collaborate feed and have it immediately available whenever you enter into the transaction record in Intacct. 

No need to track down the email it was attached to, or to find that SharePoint folder that it’s been stored in – it’s right there in Intacct.  

Collaborate even provides built-in version control, allowing you to track updates as they are made. 


3. Notify individuals or teams about actionable items using Sage Intacct Collaborate 

Sage Intacct collaborate

Need someone’s attention with an action, issue or query relating to an item in Intacct?  

Through @mentions, Sage Intacct Collaborate provides you the means of tagging an individual or group to bring their attention to your post. Simply start typing the relevant user or groups name following an @ symbol and Intacct will display a list of matching results for you to select. 

Once selected, the user (or users) will receive an email notification containing your comment with a link straight into the item where it was left. 

Sage Intacct collaborate

Each user can adjust their email notification preferences, with the ability to be notified when someone posts on their profile page, comments on any of their posts or comments, posts or comments in a record that they follow, or are specifically mentioned using the @mentions feature. 

Sage Intacct collaborate

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4. Manage posts from people that you follow from the Collaborate Center 

Sage Intacct collaborate

The Collaboration Center provides a go-to place to view all posts made by the people and groups you follow.  

From here you can: 

  1. Create new posts and share them with your Followers or a Group
  2. Review posts that you have permission to see. 
  3. Search for other users and manage who you follow. 
  4. Search for, create, and join Groups. 
  5. Search for, follow, view, download, delete, and create new versions of any files that you have access to, are owned by you, or have been shared with you. 

The Collaboration Center holds all of this in one place, always just a click away in your Intacct toolbar. 

Sage Intacct collaborate

5. Share new ideas with your team! 

Sage Intacct collaborate

Want to encourage an environment of continuous improvement?  

The Collaboration Centre can be used as a location for users to post about new ideas and share discoveries with colleagues. Discussion can be handled through the Collaborate Centre’s feeds, and users can create groups of users to share discussions with if and when needed. 

Is an idea growing legs and becoming a project? Why not… 


6. Create Project Groups to manage communication and files 

Sage Intacct collaborate

Are you collaborating with colleagues on a new project? Sage Intacct Collaborate can provide a space for you to communicate and share files throughout the course of that project by setting up a group (public or private) that comprises your project team’s members. 

Project team members will then be able to access all communications and files related to that project, as well as receive email notifications when there’s new activity that requires their attention.  

Even better, once the project has been brought to a close the group can be archived to provide that audit trail of communication and file activity that has taken place during a project. This archived group can then be reopened at any time by an administrator or the group owner. 


7. Add your collaborate feed to your Dashboard 

Sage Intacct collaborate

Don’t want to navigate to the Collaborate Center to see your messages? No problem! 

Your Collaborate feed can be added directly to a Dashboard, letting you view all messages you have been tagged in from your landing page.  

Adding your feed to your Dashboard offers an immediate way to see anything that might require your attention as soon as you log in to Intacct; no need to go looking!  

Speak with a Sage Intacct specialist 

8. Take snapshots of Dashboards 

Sage Intacct collaborate

Collaborate can be used to take snapshots of Dashboards and share them with your colleagues. 

In a Collaborate-enabled Dashboard, selecting the ‘Snapshot’ option will allow you to pick a Dashboard component to snapshot.  

Sage Intacct collaborate

Once selected, you can then edit the snapshot to highlight any relevant aspects you want to call out, before sharing them with your followers. There are various markup options available, including crop pen, eraser, and resizing features to help you highlight important elements of a Dashboard.  

Once you have finished marking up your snapshot, it will then be available to post within the Collaborate feed.  

9. Use Sage Intacct Collaborate with Salesforce Chatter 

Sage Intacct collaborate

Already have Salesforce Chatter within your organization? Subscribing to the Advanced CRM Integration in Intacct allows you to extend that functionality into Sage Intacct. 

This integration with Salesforce enables you to communicate on records that are shared between Salesforce and Sage Intacct, bringing together your sales and finance teams and allowing them to communicate seamlessly.  

You can even have notifications from both Sage Intacct and Salesforce sent straight to your phone using the Salesforce mobile app. 

10. Restrict Collaborate to only the users who need to see it  

Sage Intacct collaborate

As with other components in Sage Intacct, access to Collaborate can be restricted using the user permission options available in the system.  

You may wish to restrict access to Collaborate so that some users, such as auditors or report-only viewers, cannot view conversations or access sensitive documents.  

In those scenarios, Sage Intacct Collaborate has you covered, with the ability to exclude users from Collaborate all together, or to create Private Groups that restrict who can see a post to its members.  


Sage Intacct Collaborate is an exciting feature within Sage Intacct and opens the door to lots of ways to improve collaboration across your organisation.  

If you’re not a Sage Intacct user but enjoy having a nosey at the new features in Sage Intacct, we have an on-demand demo that allows you to pick the features you’re interested in learning more about, you can check it out here!