Do you need a Ferrari steering wheel to run your business?

In Business Management Software by Hannah Munro

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This week I attended the Sage awards gala (and yes we won one of the Sage 200 awards) and there was an incredibly interesting talk by Mark Gallagher about formula one, the team and the processes behind the cars.

What we see on tv is only a very small part of the big picture. Behind that one car are hundreds of staff, numerous suppliers, lots of data and some very cutting edge technology. One of the most fascinating parts of the talk for me was around the steering wheel that the drivers use.

Formula one teams are constantly working to making the lap time as short as possible, one of the ways this is done is through the steering wheel. Each steering wheel has a number of buttons that trigger complex processes instantly, improving reaction time, and therefore making the lap time that much faster. In addition, there is a constant display of relevant information shown to the driver, so that everything they need is all located in one place and available at the click of a button.

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Now, what has this to do with running a business I hear you ask?

Well, imagine that your business is a car. To reach your goal every piece of your business has to work in harmony. Your sales have to feed into operations which affect finance etc, just like a fuel tank feeds the engine which turns the tires. Imagine if you and your team had a system that connected every area of your business and could do complex processes at the click of a button! Your lap time aka your pace of work would be that much faster. Driving productivity forward and increasing efficiency.

Imagine as well if you had a dashboard of relevant information at the exact point you need it, instantly and without delay! Think about how much fast you could react to problems and issues.

We can give you a business management system that will help you drive your business forward. Streamlining and automating complex processes, connecting every area of your business and giving you relevant information instantly. So if you want a Ferrari steering wheel to take your business to new levels call us now on 01824 780000 or request a free demo

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