Zynk for Sage Financials

Integrate, Automate and Report on your business

What is Zynk for Sage Financials?

Zynk for Sage Financials is a business automation tool that is based on Windows platform. The tool allows you to automate business processes by building workflows. Ideal for processes such as Reporting, Business Alerts, Data Integration and Dashboards.

Zynk is simple and easy to use, without the need of a programmer to run common integrations. The tool is powerful, customisable and can be developed to create bespoke integrations. It is reliable, efficient and removes any room for human error, helping you to achieve complete automation of your business processes.

Why use Zynk for Sage Financials?

Zynk allows you to automate the time-consuming processes that will save your business time and therefore money. There are many processes within your business that you may not realise are extremely manual. Zynk removes that need for manual process and potential human error, allowing you to integrate data from other systems into your Sage accounts to do things such as run daily reports and check stock levels with ease.

Find out how you can benefit from using Zynk for Sage Financials


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