Sage Financials Add-ons

PLEASE NOTE: Sage have recently announced as of the 31st December, 2020 they are withdrawing the Sage Financials Service. If you are an existing Sage Financials customer, please see our on-demand 'Life After Sage Financials' webinar here. Sage has replaced Sage Financials with their flagship cloud-accounting product, Sage Intacct. To watch a Sage Intacct demo, click here

What are Sage Financials Add-ons?

Sage Financials (previously know as Sage Live) add-ons are prebuilt modules that integrate onto the Sage Financials platform on Salesforce. These add-ons have been built by accredited Sage developers, that offer extended features to help you accelerate your business growth with Sage. Offering you great value for money and a higher level of functionality for a fraction of the cost it would take to have a developer build it for you.

Here at itas, we personally review all additions in house and only recommend the addons which we have personally tried and tested. The additions we recommend are either used in house by ourselves or we have clients that already use them and love them.

If you are looking for advice and guidance on the right Sage Financials add-ons to enhance your software, please give our friendly team a call on 0845 139 1300 to speak to one of our experienced consultants.

Conga Composer for Sage Financials

Conga Composer allows you to automate the production of a wide variety of business documents, such as invoices, payment receipts and customer statements. These are generated from your own set of fully customisable templates, that include your company’s own branding, and emailed out to your stakeholders without leaving the Sage Financials platform.

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FX ratefinder for Sage Financials

FX ratefinder is a Salesforce business app for automating the process of entering exchange rates into Sage Financials. It provides a selection of reputable foreign exchange sources to choose from giving access to daily current and historical rates. It's key feature is the ability to schedule regular import jobs that will automatically import the latest rates for your chosen sources when you want them.

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Zynk for Sage Financials

Zynk for Sage Financials is an automation tool to aid with Dashboards, Reporting, Business Alerts, Data Migration and Data Integration. Helping to streamline your business processes and removing the need for manual processes and human error.

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ExpenseIn for Sage Financials

ExpenseIn fully integrates with Sage Financials to provide a powerful and intuitive expenses package. 

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