Fastrack – Getting you up and running on Sage Live in a 6 weeks!

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We all love the latest gadgets and gizmos, all the newest and best apps. Whether it’s the latest Apple iPhone, the Amazon Echo or the iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner, they’re exciting and innovative and make day-to-day mundane tasks easier and enjoyable. Sage Live is the hottest piece of cloud based accounting software that will transform the way you run your business, facilitating greater automation, collaboration and analysis of your business processes, and providing data in real time across a variety of platforms. You can read about all the features benefits here.

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But I know what you’re thinking… migrating your business onto a whole new platform will take months to implement; if you’re anything like me, once you’ve set your sights on the latest bit of kit, you want it yesterday. So here at itas, we’ve introduced Sage Live Fastrack – a fantastic new package we’ve designed to have you up and running in just six weeks. It’s a cost effective way to get set up on Sage Live, using the out-of-the-box functionality. Our package includes all the training and configuration you need to get up and running with Sage Live – fast!

Is it for you?

This route may not be suited to everyone’s needs. But if you answer no to the questions below, then Fastrack is the perfect solution for you:

  • Do you want to do consolidation as part of the initial setup?
  • Have multiple companies using different foreign currencies for base?
  • Would you like want any custom dimensions as part of the initial setup?
  • Do you want any authorisation as part of the initial setup?
  • Would you want a custom Chart of Accounts?
  • Do you want custom layout design?
  • Will there need to be any custom user permissions?
  • Do you want any custom dashboards/reports as part of the initial setup?

Getting started is the main objective

But that said, Fastrack can be a great option if you would like to phase in your Sage Live project, and build on it at a later date. If you need any of the additional functionality after the initial setup, we are always on hand for any additional configuration or bespoke work you may require – just give us a call to discuss your requirements when the time is right for you.

However, we do offer one extra goodie that we include in with your Fastrack implementation – a fantastic little add-on called Conga Composer. Conga Composer allows you to automate the production of a wide variety of business documents, such as invoices, payment receipts and customer statements. These are generated from your own set of fully customisable templates, that include your company’s own branding, and emailed out to your stakeholders without leaving the Sage Live platform.




Our first starters

Last week we started with our first cohort of Fastrackers. I held an orientation webinar last Monday for the three companies that have enrolled with us, and guided them through the plan for the weeks ahead. I did dole out a bit of homework too, but I don’t think there were too many grumbles – it was nothing too challenging, just gathering the information we need to start this week’s configuration phase, which is the focus of week two.

This is the week where our cohort get a bit of an easy ride – our technical team here at itas are busy initialising the Sage Live systems for each company, based on the information provided. By next week each company will have a working platform, ready for the training sessions using their own systems in weeks four and five. This is when we’ll be holding webinar training sessions, with interactive exercises and demos, to get everyone up to speed with their new Sage Live platforms. I also hold a live query session every Friday, where any questions or concerns will be answered ready for next week’s schedule.


By week five, all of our first cohort will have been fully trained on their own Sage Live platform, and we’ll move on to the testing phase. I’ll be sending out a series of tasks that our cohort will complete on their test system, which mirrors the live system. This will enable us to collaborate to iron out any issues or concerns, and make sure the system is functioning as expected, ready for “Go Live!” in week six. They’ll be flying the nest, but for the week our support team will be just a phone call away to sort out any problems or issues they may experience.

Simple as that! Fully functioning in six weeks with best, shiniest, all-singing-all-dancing business management solution. We’ve removed the obstacles of time and cost, delivering a comprehensive implementation of Sage Live in just six weeks. Our next intake start their journey on 6th November – if you’d like to join them, get in touch today.



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