Why a Good CRM System is Important to Every Business

Why Sage CRM can Benefit your Business

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I have worked in sales for over 20 years and in each business, I have worked, there has always been a CRM in place (apart from one, but we will come back to that!). 

A CRM system should be your sales and account management team’s bible and play a big part in your business strategy when it comes to improving your business performance. A well-managed CRM system allows you to manage prospect and customer relationships, deliver an exceptional customer experience which in turn helps drive customer retention. It also helps you avoid duplication of workload, making your sales team more effective and accelerates team performance, ensuring nobody ever misses a hot opportunity.

I have used several CRM systems over the years from free versions with simple functionality through to the more powerful, feature-heavy solutions such as Salesforce but for the SMB sector, I have never found a CRM system as flexible, adaptable and customizable as Sage CRM. 

I don’t believe in ‘Micromanaging’ anybody, let alone my team. Being able to have an overview of my team’s activity, performance, and pipeline through the dashboards enables me to have quick visibility of KPIs and keep tabs on where we are with performance levels, without being overbearing. It also enables me to give the Managing Director (MD) an overview of performance at top level without having to generate more reports. All the data is pulled from live records in real-time which saves me so much time (and we all know how precious time is).

Sage CRM

Sage CRM also allows my team to work more effectively. Initially, from the generation of a lead right the way through to the conversion of becoming a customer. There is a sales cycle to ensure the important touchpoints and information is delivered along the way, ensuring that the prospect is always kept at the forefront of their mind. If that prospect requires extra care and attention you can add them to your favorites list which will make sure you never let the opportunity slip through the net.

Another fantastic piece of functionality is Quotes which makes the whole sales process streamlined and automated. By adding your price lists to the pricing section you can create quotes by line items and export to a word document or save as a PDF (ensure nobody tinkers with those quotes) which you can then email easily across to the prospect for them to sign and send back. Sage CRM offers the ability to email directly from the system itself, saving even more admin time and automatically capturing the sent email (along with any attachments) against the record in CRM.

You also have the option for the Microsoft Office 365 integration which allows you to sync calendars and tasks, the great part of this integration is you can select the individuals you want to be part of this sync process. You can also install a plugin to individual machines which allows you to log communications in outlook, automatically transferring to your Sage CRM, again saving your team time in the duplication of workload and lots of copy and pasting.

CRM is Important for Businesses

So going back to the importance of a CRM in any successful business, I can remember when I first started my journey into the world of sales as a telesales consultant; banging out call after call, getting rejection after rejection. I was literally searching through the Yellow Pages by area (we had every Yellow Pages in the UK!) category by category with my notebook and pen keeping track of interested parties, in the paper file with the title of the product I was working on. I lost track of how many times I forgot to call somebody back, lost an opportunity and misplaced the file with all the information in. I could not keep track of whether I had called a company or not and quite often found myself speaking to the same person twice, good for the talk time not so good for me, the company-reputation and my sales figures!


If you are going to invest in one thing for your business, make sure you invest in a good CRM system. Every company needs a good CRM to have visibility, traceability, forecasting and reporting. As the manager of the Commercials department, I need to have my finger on the pulse and need to know everything that is happening to ensure the business is growing and my team are focusing on the right areas and Sage CRM allows me to do this in a streamlined, time effective way.

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