What do oranges, ships and account managers have in common?

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What do types of oranges, ship names and account managers have in common – Sage 200 of course!

Types of oranges, ship names and account managers are all analysis codes that our customers use to analyse their data within Sage 200.

Sage 200 gives you the ability to apply over 20 analysis codes per customer, sales order, sales order item, supplier, purchase order or purchase order item. When you think about it, that is a lot of analysis!

These analysis codes can be selected from drop downs, entered as free text and you can even automatically bring them through to orders from the customer defaults – saving you and your team time and effort.

These analysis codes can be used within both Sage 200 BI ( Business Intelligence ) and Sage report designer – so using the example above – you can figure out which was your most profitable account manager/type of orange. Or if you are feeling particularly analytical, how much each account manager sold of each particular brand of oranges! As you can see the possibilities are endless…..well almost!

In addition you can use these analysis codes on your order acknowledgements, invoices, picking lists etc. If you are feeling particularly clever you can even customise your layouts based on these layouts, for example perhaps you have an additional reference field you only want to show when and order comes in via the web.

Simply put – Sage 200 analysis codes give you powerful analytical ability to help you spot trends and analyse your data so that you can run your business in the most efficient way!


Other not so weird and wonderful ideas for Sage 200 analysis codes:

  • Sales person
  • Source i.e. web/telephone/online
  • Colour
  • Product Origin
  • Customer Area/Location
  • Customer type – i.e. wholesale, retail
  • Material – i.e. wood. steel, aluminium


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