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Sitting here at On the Edge, the Marketing conference in Canary Wharf London. A big thanks to the speakers for their valuable insights. So what I am I doing here?
Not only am I keen to learn more about how we at ITAS can improve our marketing, I also want to give our clients’ ideas, hints and tips to improve their marketing, sales and how to maximise their CRM efforts and the increase the number of leads they are entering into Sage CRM.

So here are our key thoughts to take away from today’s conference:

First up….Mike McGrail – Without Content, We are Nothing

• Content is key – your customers/prospects are demanding, they want good quality content. Whether you blog, video, tweet, facebook, slideshare, google plus….. (you get the idea), the content needs to be useful, relevant and of good quality!
• Consistency – if you have to choose one method of publishing content – BLOG! As the most flexible format, this is picsnormally the preferred method of marketing.
• Agility – Piggy back off keywords/searches with large amounts of traffic i.e. Olympics, New Iphone

Next….Justin Deaville – 7 Recent Changes to the Search Results

Are you ranking for your brand? If you are you get the bonus of being shown in google instant and google autocomplete. Which means bypassing google search itself. If you aren’t autocompleting for your brand – you need to ask why.

Google keywords – Find the quick wins, the more specific the keyword, the easier it to get to the top of Google for. Target keywords that indicate the buyer is at the end of their buying cycle i.e. British Gas reviews

If you want to check your rankings beware of Google personalising what you see – use the “go incognito” function within Google Chrome.

Use rich snippets to add in picture/reviews etc to make your listing more attractive. See

Google analytics is no longer showing keywords that are generating your traffic. Lots of SEO companies are tearing their hair out but it just changes the focus for your reporting – you can use landing pages to monitor web traffic or use call tracking to identify where your leads/enquiries are coming from.

If you are looking for a source of SEO news and updates….try Search engine lounge and SEO Moz

Stay tuned for more marketing hints and tips to help maximise your lead generation in Sage CRM from the experts at On The Edge……

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