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Payment Run in Sage 200 – FAQ and Solutions

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One of the most used features in Sage 200 is the payment processing function, this allows users to enter a mass of payments on supplier accounts and produce remittances and/or e-banking import files. However like any processes it’s quite common that mistakes can be made, one of the biggest tasks we have here on support is guiding users backwards into correcting an issue caused. As this is something we often do, we can provide users with their options regardless of what scenario they are in based on what output they need from the system.

Today I walked around the office with a mission

Asking our experienced support technicians for their input. I asked them what are the most frequently asked questions that they receive whilst on support in relation to the the Payment Processing function in Sage 200.

I then completed a poll and have summarised these questions below.

1. “Can I reprint another remittance advice? If so, how?”

Yes, you can reprint your remittance advice, providing that you haven’t yet deleted or overwritten your suggested payments file. This is done without posting another payment.

So… how do I do this?

This is a nice and easy solution. All you need to do is when you go to Purchase Ledger > Period End Routines > Payment Processing > Generate Payments. There, you will see a tick box called ‘Reprint payments only’ like below…

Payment Run in Sage 200 - FAQ and Solutions - Sage UK

You’ll then need to fill in the rest of the form as you did initially when first producing the payments.

(This is the detail that will show on your new remittance advice)

2. “How do I delete suggested payments for one supplier only?”

Again, there is a beautifully easy solution to this.

Head to Purchase Ledger > Period End Routines > Payment Processing > Delete Suggested Payments.

Here, there are 2 tick boxes with different options. The first tick box allows you to ‘Delete all suggested supplier payments’ but the second is the box you are going to be wanting to tick, as it allows you to ‘Delete suggest payments for single supplier’…

Payment Run in Sage 200 - FAQ and Solutions - Sage UK

This will remove all suggested payments for that one particular supplier, currently on the suggested payments file.

3. “Once generated, how do I reverse a payment run?”

Now, you’re going to have fun with this one!

Unfortunately, there is no simple tick box or automation button set in place to reverse a payment run. If you are wanting to reverse your payment run, you’re going to have to find the transactions that you have put through your payment run. Then, unallocate your transactions and finally reverse them individually.

You may be thinking… “Argh, really?!”

Unfortunately, there isn’t much I can change about this one other than to make it easier for you.

Wondering how to reverse or amend transactions in Sage 200?
Click here to see our recent FAQ.


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Payment Run in Sage 200 - FAQ and Solutions - Sage UK

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