how to do a year end in sage 200

How do you do a Sage 200 Year End?

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There are a number of basic steps to run the Year end Procedure for Sage 200. Whilst not overly complex they do have to be done in a particular order! What do we mean by Year End? A year end procedure is the method by which you close off the previous accounting year and open a new one. An accounting year does not have to be the same as the calendar year and in many cases it is not. Nor does it have to be a 12 month period. Some organisations use longer timeframes to get multiple sets of accounts in sync. However this routine does need to be run to ensure that the financial reporting can be done and the year end accounts are complete. Below is a list of the steps involved in the Sage 200 year end procedure, and for those of you who prefer pictures, below is a link to our year end guide which has step by step instructions and screenshots for each stage.


The steps you need to follow to do a Sage 200 year end?

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Otherwise the process for doing a year end is as follows:

1. Take a SQL backup of the Company Data
2. Clear down Disconnected Users
3. Update Waiting Postings
4. Check Deferred Postings
5. Reconcile Sales and Purchase Ledgers
6. Print all required Reports
7. Check All Periods are closed
8. Run Year End Routine
9. PRINT AND SAVE Opening Trial Balance
10. Open Required Periods
11. Update Postings

Still struggling? If you dont understand any of the above stages or if the guide doesn’t make sense then please don’t hesitate to contact our awesome Sage 200 support team on

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