Episode One – All About Sage 200 Reporting

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In this episode:

The Sage specialist, Hannah Lincoln takes us through a very important aspect of Sage 200, reporting. She guides us through the different reporting options available in Sage 200, and gives us which reporting tool to use in various situations and why.

Add-on of the week – PanIntelligence for Sage 200

In the inaugural add-on section, Hannah casts her spotlight on the PanIntelligence Add-on for Sage 200 and B.I. reporting. She concisely takes us through what it is, how it works and why it would be needed. She then gives the pros and cons of using PanIntelligence.

Episode One - All About Sage 200 Reporting - Sage UK

News and gossip – New API Release

In the news section, Hannah takes us through the New API release for Sage 200 online, Standard and Extra. She answers the big questions we get asked by customers, “What is it? Why is it important? Why need to know about it?”

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Episode One - All About Sage 200 Reporting - Sage UK


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