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Episode Twelve – Report Categories Under the Microscope

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In this episode:

Using their razor-sharp eye’s Hannah and Mark bring Report Categories under the microscope. Whether you want a in depth discussion about exactly what they are, how to set them up using the best industry practices or you’re just looking for some inspired uses that even the most knowledgeable won’t know, this is the place to be.

And wrapping up the jam packed show this week, our dynamic duo go over the benefits, advantages and weaknesses of the Cash Flow module from Sicon. They’ll decide whether it’s as versatile as people claim it to be.

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Episode Twelve -  Report Categories Under the Microscope - Sage UK

Links related to the episode:

If you’d like a free Sage 200 Demo of almost anything discussed in this episode, then click HERE and follow the instructions.

Check out the itas blog here

Thursday the 12th of May we are holding a webinar which will demo the Cash Flow Manager by Sicon addon for Sage 200. To register your interest please click here.

Episode Twelve -  Report Categories Under the Microscope - Sage UK

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