PaperLess Document Management
for Sage 200cloud

What is PaperLess for Sage 200cloud?

Paperless is a document recognition software that uses a type of technology called OCR (Optical Character Recognition.) You can scan drag and drop or allow Paperless to automatically read documents like Purchase Invoices that you receive and import the information from that document into Sage 200cloud.

Do you have PO’s in Sage 200cloud? Paperless can even match the Invoice you receive in against the PO. Invoice value doesn’t match against the PO? Then use the inbuilt authorisation (Document Flow) functionality to ensure that the relevant member of staff is notified of this whilst Paperless pop’s the invoice on hold.

Paperless is ideal for anyone who is receiving a large number of Purchase Invoices, particularly if you are also matching these against PO’s within Sage 200cloud. The task of matching a PI against a PO can be time consuming, and leaves itself wide open to human error, take this laborious task out of your accounts teams and allow Paperless to automate the matching for you.


Why use PaperLess for Sage 200cloud?

Unlike other OCR software, Paperless can be trained to pick up even the trickiest of invoices sent over from your suppliers with an easy to use mapping wizard, ensuring the system picks up as many of the important fields as possible on the invoice. Don’t forget, once you set these mappings up once, they’re there for good! If for whatever reason Paperless cannot pick up the information, users can simply key in the correct info in Paperless then send this through the system. When searching things like the supplier against the invoice, or a nominal code, Paperless will use the Sage 200cloud data that it updates regularly, meaning you're working on the same set of information across both systems.

Once the invoice has been processed into Sage 200cloud, users will have the ability to easily load up the actual document from within Sage, meaning no more running around looking for paper copies of an invoice printed off several weeks ago.

Why go PaperLess?

You’ve probably heard of the word Paperless Office being thrown around a lot recently, and for good reason, who wants to have reams of paper lying around the office, one for the cost, two for the GDPR compliance issues this can now cause and three for the absolute pain it is to track down a document in one of 50 binders littered around the office. Of course, we’ve also all been there when the day comes that a document (or documents!) goes a miss, which is great fun.

Paperless removes this need for paper versions of your Purchase Invoices (hence the name) and can even automate the whole PO/PI process.

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