Automate Credit Control Processes with Credit Hound for Sage 200

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Do you spend hours and hours each week chasing up outstanding company debts to no reply? Are you looking to Automate your credit control process? Well, look no further. If you are using Sage 200cloud, Credit Hound by Draycir could become your new savior.

Feature Highlights

  • Automated task management
  • Proactive credit control
  • More available cash for your business
  • Comprehensive reporting system to highlight your business debtors
  • Quick ROI

Show me the statistics!

Surveys by Draycir of credit control teams they have found that before using credit hound, they spent around 20% of their time actually chasing the outstanding debt. A whopping around 80% carrying out the administration around credit control, such as running reports and drafting emails and letters.

However, after the implementation of credit hound, these figures reverse to 80% chasing and 20% administration. Credit Hound gives you a quick ROI for your business as it will drastically reduce the amount of outstanding debt your business has and the cash available in the bank.

Our favorite features

Credit Hound has a number of useful features that will drastically reduce the amount of time it takes you to do your credit control.

Interactive Dashboard – that displays the following information all in one place!

  • Disputed invoices – find out which invoices customers have disputed and why
  • To do list of all credit control tasks
  • Display of where invoices are at – not yet due, order due, disputed
  • Promised cash and by when – what customers have promised you and when they are going to pay
  • The total amount owed – see what the total amount of outstanding debt is

Dispute management

  • Log all internal and customer-facing notes against an invoice, automated emails to keep people informed
  • Follow up – set up reminders to follow up and resolve

Automated rules and actions – reminder letters, placing accounts on hold, adding new items to your to-do list

Payment reminders – reminders automatically sent when payment is nearly due and continual reminders until paid

Chase screen – all information in one screen so you can access everything with ease.

What about the reporting?

With advanced customisable reports, you can get reports that give you a raft of information that should make credit control a breeze.

  • Account Summary
  • Call back analysis – which customers require a call back to discuss their dispute
  • Dispute analysis – analyse the different disputes that you are getting to see if there is a change needed to stop a trend
  • Outstanding to-do’s – what credit control tasks have you get left
  • Outstanding disputes – list of o/s disputes from all of your customers
  • Promised Cash – what customers have promised what money
  • User Activity – Audit trail as to what each of your users has been up to
  • Who has paid me? – easy check to see which customers have paid you

User access

There are 2 different access options for users within your business. Take into account the needs of your users when purchasing licenses.

Full User – This will be the best option for your credit control team, the ones who are going to be using all of the functionality of the system and doing the day to day work.

Limited Users – ideal low-cost access for sales, customer service, and management to view and add notes. They can also see accounts on stop and get better insights into the activity on an account.

Flexibility across the business

Credit controller – Reduce admin time, real-time info directly from your accounts system

Credit Control Manager – comprehensive report, track effectiveness of credit control function

Management – Ensure a good level of working capital for the business, to ensure that

Sales – stay informed about your customers, check if they are on hold or still have a debt outstanding before you sell them something else. This is a handy thing to check before you do any of your account management with your customers.


Credit Hound also integrates with Draycir Spindle Document Management. This will allow you to send out fully branded documents on your company letterhead, setup password protected documents and even archive the documents against a customer folder.

With a direct connection to Sage 200c, Credit Hound has an automatic data refresh so you are always looking at the most up to date information.


If you are a downtrodden credit controller or a Senior Leader within a business that has a lot of the outstanding debt and a limited amount of time to chase your debt – Credit Hound could be for you.  It will display all of your real-time information in one concise place, bring more available cash to your business and reduce the time it takes to carry out your credit control. If you are interested in implementing Draycir Credit Hound, please use the form below or get in touch with one of our Sales Consultants who can give you more information on the right solution for you.

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