Report Designer E-course Part One

Anytime Learning Sage 200 Report Designer E-course Part One

In Sage 200 by Tamara

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Hello and welcome to part one of our anytime learning Report Designer e-course. My name is Sioned Roberts and I am one of the support technicians here at itas.

In today’s session first of all I will tell you what Report Designer is and secondly I will show you how to open it within your Sage 200 system.

So first of all, Report Designer is a brilliant piece of software used to generate brand new reports or customise any of your existing reports.

Okay so now opening up Report Designer from within our Sage 200 system… We are using version 2015 which is the newest version. Simply go to the cog on the right hand side of the screen and click on ‘Run Sage Report Designer’.

Report designer then opens up in a brand new window, here we’ve got our recently opened, with quick links and any files we’ve recently opened. We’ve got help files with quick links to the help files for Sage and we’ve got our new report button here, and then our folder structure.

Today we are going to be opening up the SOP layout, it’s within the default folder and in layouts, and then we are browsing down to SOP invoice. You can see two invoices named the same, down the bottom you’ll notice that they are named a little bit different. So one is a VAT invoice and one is not.

Okay thanks for watching and listening to our Anytime Learning Sage 200 Report Designer E-course part one, I hope you’ve enjoyed and we would love some feedback if you get the chance to leave a comment. If you want any regular updates on upcoming courses, free guides or blog posts, please follow us on twitter @itassolutions.

Our next session will be session two and that covers navigation within the report and the report in design mode VS the report in preview mode.

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