PanIntelligence Business Intelligence Dashboard Sage 200

What is PanIntelligence for Sage 200?

The PanIntelligence Sage dashboard comes with a standard set of charts and pre-built data connections. The software allows it’s users to create additional charts quickly and easily. It is a web browser based solution which can be accessed from anywhere. The PanIntelligence for Sage 200 dashboard provides a top down view of all areas of your business allowing you to improve performance through your business decisions.

Sage 200 Reporting

PanIntelligence for Sage transforms reporting within Sage CRM and financials. The Sage dashboard provides a unique view of your Sage data through a real-time personalised dashboard. All data fields in your Sage 200 environment are available, including additions, user defined fields and CRM.

As well as making all of your Sage data visible, it will directly correlate to any database in your business. This doesn’t require any movement of your data or additional servers.

example of panintelligence business intelligence dashboards for sage 200
picture of panintelligence BI dashboards for sage 200