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Welcome to the Sage 200 Forum! This is a place for you to ask and answer any questions Sage 200, finance or accounting related. The forum will be closely monitored by our Support Technicians who are on standby to give a helping hand. Please be aware that our technicians are only available during working hours, Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm.

The forum is also monitored for any spam or abusive behavior, which will result in an instant ban, so please be respectful. We also ask that you try and post your queries into the relevant forums below. If you have questions that are not Sage 200 related but around finance or accounting please use the appropriate forums, ‘General Accounting’ or ‘Anything Else’.

Please feel free to create an account using the Register button below or Login if you already have an account using the Login button below.

Note: If you have come from the itas Academy, you will need to Register for a forum account. This should use a different password to your Academy login.