Sage CRM Software

Powerful, Flexible, Scalable.

Close more sales with Sage CRM

Drive your team forwards and increase sales with a powerful CRM solution designed around you.
With Sage CRM, you get a powerful solution that is easy to customise and works around you and your team. This award winning CRM software will help you accelerate your sales pipeline and increase your sales. You can choose from a number of deployment options – Cloud or Server Based depending on your business infrastructure.

Sage CRM can help you maximise every sales opportunity
Do your team occasionally lose track of leads or miss opportunities because they have no way to track them?

Sage CRM has inbuilt opportunity workflow, tracking and reporting to help you and your team maximise every sales opportunity. Customise the workflow and fields to suit your sales processes – managing your opportunity pipeline is easy with Sage CRM.

Automate your sales with Sage CRM
Are your sales team spending unnecessary time doing admin when they could be selling?

Sales force automation in Sage CRM can help your team be more productive. The inbuilt workflow editor allows you to automate emails and follow up activities. Automatically escalate and reassign opportunities to make sure you never miss a potential sale!

Consolidate your customer information with Sage CRM
Does your team spend their valuable time looking for information?

Sage CRM brings all your sales information together, in the office or on the move, helping you to make the most of every opportunity. From allocating leads, generating outbound call lists and co-ordinating calendars to forecasting and sharing data, it’s the only place you’ll need to look for everything you need to know about prospects and customers.

Interactive Sales Dashboard with Sage CRM
Fully customisable interactive dashboards to help your team manage their time, tasks and information. Use the inbuilt sales dashboard or create your own for individuals, teams or job roles. Highlight overdue tasks, monitor opportunities, identify LinkedIn® networking opportunities and show RSS feeds – all in one screen!

Sage CRM makes telesales easy
Tracking the success and keeping on top of your outbound telesales calls becomes simple with Sage CRM. Generate lists for your team to call, script their conversation and track the leads generated!

Create groups of customers to call quickly and easily – target customers based on purchase history, location or any other custom data you have in your database!

Get information anytime, anywhere with Sage CRM

Access Customer Information Anytime Anywhere with Sage CRM
With a web-based platform, Sage CRM allows your team to access information on the go. Load up the system from any computer, anywhere – Never face a customer unprepared.

Access from any device
Mobile, Iphone, Android, Ipad, Tablet or Laptop – Sage 200 CRM has an optimised view for every device, to make accessing information easy!

Access from anywhere
From account information or orders to any recent complaints, your account managers or salespeople out in the field can both view and update customer info. Sage CRM can be deployed on premise or on cloud. Whichever choice you make, you can access your system remotely either through the cloud infrastructure or by publishing your CRM externally.

Target your Marketing with Sage CRM

Improve marketing ROI with Sage CRM.
Get more from your marketing with inbuilt tracking, budget monitoring and a flexible data structure that allows your target your marketing effectively.

See at a glance how effective your marketing is with Sage CRM dashboards
The first step to any successful marketing campaign is to set your goals. We give you the tools you need to monitor the success of your campaigns in real time. Every lead, conversation and opportunity can all be linked back to a campaign activity to ensure that you know exactly how well you are doing.

Target your marketing 
Fully customisable, Sage CRM allows you to segment your data in many ways. The groups function allows you to create sets of data to target, based on any of the custom fields that you create. use those groups for mail merges, e-marketing campaigns or outbound call lists. You can even deduplicate against another group to prevent your customers feeling like they have been spammed by the many emails you have sent. All at the click of a button.

Set budgets and stick to them
Track your budgets for each campaign activity and roll them up into your overall campaign budget. Track actuals vs budgets to ensure that you deliver a great campaign within your planned marketing spend.

Manage your team better with Sage CRM

This award winning CRM software will help you accelerate your sales pipeline, improve your customer service and give you the tools you need to manage your teams effectively.

Sage CRM gives you the reports you need to run your business
Sage CRM has its own reporting module so you can get the information you need to make important management decisions. Choose from the vast array of reports that come as standard with Sage CRM or create your own. Sage CRM’s reporting module can produce not only list based reports, but pie charts, bar graphs and more! CRM can help you figure out why you opportunities aren’t converting, ensure your customer service team are meeting their SLA targets and help you calculate your lead to sale conversion rates.

Sage CRM stores all your business information in one place
Sage CRM brings together the information from all your teams so that you can ensure a collaborative and effective way of working. From within one workspace your team can see everything they need to their job and you have all the information you need to manage your teams effectively. You can even integrate with your Sage 200 finance system.

Interactive Management Dashboard with Sage CRM
Fully customisable interactive dashboards to you manage your teams and their activities. Build a Sage CRM dashboard that is highly graphical and tailored to suit you. Highlight overdue tasks, high priority cases, and customer information – all in one screen!

Control your processes
Ensure that your team follow your optimised sales workflow. Streamline your sales process with mail merge and email templates. Automatically schedule activities as the opportunity moves through your pipeline stages, saving your team time and automating your sales process!

Do you spend hours figuring out your sales forecast?
Sage CRM has an inbuilt tool to help you get your sales forecast quickly and easily! Weighting the potential income against the certainty of that opportunity occurring, gives you a clear methodology to collate your forecast from each team member into one team forecast.