Sage 200 Customisation: 10 ways you can customise your workspace

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We all want to live aspects of our life in the most efficient way possible, whether it’s chores at home or driving from A to B. Our work is no different, so when it comes to Sage 200, there are several ways we can customise our workspace to do this.

Have you ever sat at your desk scratching your head over if the daily tasks you are completing in Sage 200 could be done faster? Well, hopefully, this blog will answer that head-scratching scenario!

The Benefits of Customising Sage 200

Customising your Sage 200 is vital if you want to utilise the software to its maximum capability. Having an organised workspace means you can be efficient when working and carrying out tasks as you are able to use features such as ‘filters’ for example that help find things in your lists quicker. Even the ‘Favourites’ feature is great because then all you need to do is click on favourites and you’re there! We’ll get into more details on these features a little later on.

So, with that said let’s take a look at our top 10 ways of customising Sage 200.

Filters for your Lists

Lists can be customised by creating filters designed to aid users in finding what they need more easily. You can create as many filters as you want by clicking the filter icon shown below on the majority of list views!

Landing Page

Are you bored with how your home screen currently looks? No problem, Sage has you covered! You can change it to any feature you want just by right-clicking and selecting “Make this my homepage”. For example, the list you use most can be set as your home page. That way it’s easier to find!

Print Options

We produce hundreds, even thousands of documents from Sage, so having your preferred way of viewing them is vital! This can be set by going to the tools cog icon in the right-hand corner of Sage 200 and selecting ‘Choose Output Mode’. This then gives you 3 options to choose from! Shown below:

Printer This output setting allows you to send your documents to a physical printer or a custom printer set on your Windows devices. So, if you want to kick it old school and have the documents in hand rather than digitally, you can!

Preview –  The preview option allows you to see the printed document on your screen straight away so you can see how it looks before you send it out to a customer, for example. This tends to be the most popular option, as it allows the user to double-check check everything is correct before progressing further.

Spooler – The spooler option allows you to store documents/reports that you want to print at a later time in one place. For example, if you were completing your month-end and generating several reports. You might not want them all popping up all over your screen, and want to print them all at once later on. The spooler can be accessed from the below location


We all have the areas in Sage we visit the most, so why not give them the love they deserve and make them your favourites! Favourites allow you to navigate to your most used area quickly and efficiently. Your favourites tab can be accessed by clicking the star at the top!

All you have to do to add a feature to your favourites list is right-click it and select add to favourites:



Whatever your display preference, you can have it. You get the choice of 3 themes within Sage, yes 3! White, Light, or Dark, which can be chosen by going to your preferences:

You can also change the line spacing on your screen to make your lines wider or thinner, whichever you prefer!

Scrollable view

You can also change the way you move up and down your lists. All you have to do is tick the “Scrollable View” option in the top right-hand corner of your list. This means you can freely move your list up and down using your mouse instead of the bar on the right-hand side of your screen:

Pin and Unpin the Menu

You can pin your menu so that it stays permanently on your screen and you can even unpin it when you have had enough of it and want more room on your screen.


Exporting lists has to be one of the best things that Sage 200 allows you to do. Allowing you to filter through masses of data or even report on it further! Once you have exported you can even send and share it with others. You can choose whether to export a selection of a list view or the entire thing by simply right-clicking anywhere in the list!

The Benefits of Customise your Workspace in Sage 200

Workspaces typically tend to be under-utilised and even unused, however, workspaces are customisable and can fit the reporting niches of any department. You are able to have your workspace the way you like meaning the way you are comfortable with having it instead of having the default set out. By customising Sage 200 it means enjoying using your workspace more as you are familiar with where everything is and how to get to it rather than not having a clue!

Looking for more ways to get the most of Sage 200?

Unfortunately, that’s all the tips and tricks I have for you today! If you’re looking for more useful tips when using Sage 200, check out our Sage 200 help guides. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for more blogs to help you get the most out of your Sage 200 system!

If you don’t currently have Sage 200 and you are here to learn more about it, why not check out our Sage 200 overview page! We also have a range of Sage 200 on-demand webinars that you may find useful.

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